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(1) Warm up, rhythms

(2) Dance technique, choreography

(3) Spine strengthening, power and endurance developing excercises, streching


Belly Dance   video: The Melody

Gypsy Dance video: Those Were The Days


1 month ^       twice a week      45 €

1 month ^       once a week       30 €

1 class            50–55 minutes   10 €

private class  50–55 minutes   50 €

^ calendar month

Dance classes in Tallinn and in Viimsi

(1) BELLY DANCE and strong spine

(2) GYPSY DANCE and cardio

from 02.09.2019 ^

belly dance (intermediate) Mon 19:00–20:00 VK

belly dance (beginners)     Tue   17:00–18:00 TEK

belly dance (intermediate) Wed  19:00–20:00 VK

belly dance (beginners)      Thu  17:00–18:00 TEK

Aks more about the levels and the styles.


    * VK – Viimsi Kooli Spordikeskus

  address: Randvere tee 8, Viimsi, Estonia

    * TEK – Tallinna Ehituskool

  address: Pärnu mnt 162, Tallinn, Estonia

^ The coach reserves the right to make changes to the schedule.

Dance Classes
Timetable 2019-20

- Martha Graham -

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul.”


I started to teach dancing from 2002, then I was concentrating on belly dance. I perform in Estonia and abroad from 2000, show programs and performances consisting of different dance styles including belly dance, flamenco, gypsy dance, Indian dance, contemporary. In the course of time my students asked me to add other dances styles to the learning program. I complement constantly the structure of my dance classes, today I base on belly dance, flamenco, salsa, Indian, classical and contemporary dances at my class.

Important parts of my dance classes are:

  • exercises for strengthening spine based on physiotherapy,

  • power and endurance developing programs,

  • exercises for developing flexibility.

What to wear:

  • choose some comfortable sportswear to move freely, for example trousers and a top,

  • it could be a wide skirt and a blouse, a hip scarf in addition;

  • put on soft sports shoes or gymnastic slippers,

  • you can use socks with rubber soles or come barefoot;

  • ask a teacher, where to buy hip scarf or scarf for shoulders, with liters, coins, pearls – there are different scarfs, bets, accessories, decorations, costumes, training suits for sale.

How to reach:

  • To Viimsi School (Randvere tee 8) you can go using public transport:

- buses:

1A; county bus lines 114 and V1, V4, V5, V7; commercial bus line 260 – stop "Viimsi kool".

  • To Tallinn construction School (Pärnu mnt 162) you can go using public transport:

- buses:

5, 18, 20, 20A, 32, 36, 57 – stop "Hallivanamehe" (Pärnu mnt);

12, 13 – stop"Sõjakooli" (A. H. Tammsaare tee);

23 – stop "Marsi" (Tondi tn);

45 – stop "Järve" (Pärnu mnt);

county bus lines 116, 116A, 117, 117A, 119 and commercial bus line 206 – stop "Hallivanamehe";

county bus line 191 and commercial bus lines 219, 256 – stop "Järve";

- trains:

ELR5, ELR51, ELR52, ELR53, ELR7 – stop "Järve".


There is free parking for visitors of Viimsi School Sports Centre.

When notified in advance, there is free parking for visitors of construction school.

More information about public transport:,tallinna

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