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Dance versus circus

In this video you can see flexibility, creativity, coordination, simplicity in outfit – that is a great combination! Decide yourself – dance or circus; dance versus circus; dance and circus; one of those; both or none?! I enjoyed it a lot!

International festival "KUKART" (Published on 25 Jul 2017) Roxana Küwen, born in 1989 in Northern Germany, graduated in 2013 at Fontys Academy for Circus and Performance Art in Tilburg, Netherlands. She completed internships at the circus schools ESAC Brussels, Die Etage Berlin and Le Lido Toulouse. In her second study year she specialised in static trapeze and foot juggling. Roxana likes to take her audience into her world and make them be astonished, confused or amazed by playing with categories and presence.

Circus performer Roxana Küwen, foot juggling:

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