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Lizi's Dance Show (picture by Michael Andrew Keerdo-Dawson)

I'm an artist and a dance teacher. I felt in love with singing and dancing in my early childhood thanks to my parents and grandparents, who took me to the theatres and concerts, recited and explained poetry.


I studied in Tartu University Speech Therapy, MA, 2007 and in Tallinn University as Choreographer-Director, MA, 2010. I started to perform in 2000. Giving dance classes became regular from 2002.

Duo and Group
since 2000
Solo Shows and
since 2014


Performances With
Live Music
since 2008


Dance and Songs

There are versatile dance and songs shows in the list. I have performed at many concerts, festivals, anniversaries, galas.

CLASSES: Strong Spine and Dance Technique

I started teaching dance from 2002. In the beginning it was belly dance only. As I performed with several dance styles, students asked for more. I added gypsy dance to the timetable.

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